a page from a sunny family session at utah lake

May 6, 2019

Springtime sessions in Utah are always a gamble, I feel like. So when the time for this family session rolled around and a sunny day along with it I was absolutely thrilled. It is so much easier to work with young kids when the weather is nice and warm. And this family came prepared with jackets for the kids in case the weather turned or it was windy by the lake. It's always better to be prepared and not need the jackets than to have it be colder than expected with nothing to keep your kids warm and happy. Another great tip, bring some non-messy snacks like crackers (definitely avoid anything with chocolate in it) or gummy snacks so your kids can take a small break. My youngest son gets cranky when he's hungry, more so than his siblings. Hangry is a thing!

This was a bittersweet family session for me. Our kids went to the same preschool so we would both hang out and let our younger kids play together while waiting for school to let out. But now her husband has graduated and a job is taking them back to Japan. We'll at least be able to see each other when I visit Japan, though!

I photographed their family session a little before I left for this year's Japan trip, so it was still early spring. Picking a location can be tricky because most trees haven't started blossoming yet. They decided on this location by Utah Lake because they wanted a place with a view of the mountains. And this field is one of my favorites to photograph sessions at. This is a great location for sunset sessions (the closer to sunset the better!) so if you have kids with early bedtimes this spot is better during spring or fall when the sunset isn't too late. Here are my favorites from this session!