tips on preparing for your spring photo session

April 4, 2019

Spring is such a lovely time with the promise of warming weather and blooming flowers. After a long winter I am excited to get back outside for more outdoor photo sessions,but springtime can be a tricky time of year for outdoor lifestyle sessions. It rains more often, certain locations may be muddy this time of year, and the trees may not be quite in bloom yet (photos with spring blossoms can be tricky to plan for!) Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your spring photo session!

1. Wear layers! Spring can be anywhere from warm, a little hot, to chilly, in a matter of minutes even! Think cute cardigans, fashionable light jackets, or scarves. Maybe even think about bringing a blanket you wouldn’t mind in pictures if you have little ones who are especially sensitive to the cold. Having extra layers underneath like a warm long shirt underneath a long sleeved button up or other top can keep you warm if you want to avoid a jacket with the outfit but still want to stay warm is another option. If it will be a warm day still have the option of warm layers to add in case clouds roll in and bring the temperature down! For your younger kids definitely err on the side of having more than enough warm layers in case it’s colder than they like.

2. Soft colors and neutrals! When choosing what colors for your wardrobe softer pastel colors and neutrals are great! Soft pinks, blues, greens, and yellows paired with neutrals look great on camera. Try to avoid anything too bright or neon. When putting together your wardrobe a good rule of thumb is to start with one outfit, usually mom’s, and build around that. If mom is wearing a floral dress pull colors from that that are similar or complementary for everyone elses outfits. Avoid matching and instead coordinate. And decide if you want everyone to be more casual or more dressed up. Having one person wear something super casual and everyone else wear very dressy outfits messes with the mood and feel of the photos.

3. Really think about footwear. The ground is usually softer and even muddy so heels and flip flops are usually not the best choice this time of year.

4. Accessorize! Adding jewelry or scarves that bring pops of color or adds texture looks great in photos! Here’s a link to my Pinterest inspiration board if you need some outfit ideas!

5. Location is a big deal! Spring is a tricky time of year as the trees don’t all bloom at once and some areas can be muddy. Let your photographer know what kind of location you want and they will know which locations to suggest for the time of year. I always like to scout my locations ahead of time to make sure they will work for the session.

6. Sunset and sunrise sessions are both great options! Sunset isn’t too late in the spring so it’s much easier to get that beautiful golden hour light for your family photos, especially if your kids are younger. Take advantage of morning sessions if your family are early birds or if you are getting engagement or couple photos done. The light in the morning is gorgeous and I don’t do enough of them. Sunrise isn’t so early in the spring so if you’ve never done a sunrise session I’d suggest giving it a try!

7. Time it right. If you want tree blossoms in your photos you need to get the timing right. Book a session too early and the flowers may not even be blooming yet. Book too late and those spring blossoms are long gone. Let your photographer know if tree blossoms are a must for a photos so they can suggest a time when the trees usually blossom and check out locations before hand. If there aren’t blossoms at the usual time they can inform you and push the date for your session out a little later. Or if they notice the blossoms are early they can move the session up.

I hope these tips help you in preparing for your spring photo session! And if you’re in Utah Valley I’d love to be your photographer and have fun creating timeless photographs for you and your family!