thoughts on motherhood
part one

May 10, 2019

I am so excited to present this series of blog posts in celebration of Mother's Day! I reached out to mothers I have photographed over the years and with the number of responses I received I'm writing a series of posts so that any one doesn't get too long. This first picture is of Lucy and her son Gus who I have photographed since he was a baby. I asked her what she loves about being a mother and she said, "I love witnessing Gus learning new things every day. It's so fun to teach him something and then see him apply it on his own in a different way or setting. I never knew before becoming a mother that although it's hard, seeing your children grow is so much more rewarding than the challenges."

And that couldn't be more true! Each child grows in their own way and at their own pace. Each milestone they reach is bittersweet because you're so proud and excited to see them growing but it also means that they're no longer that sweet newborn who was always content to snuggle in your arms.

Holly was my very first bride to photograph when I first moved here to Utah. When I heard that she was pregnant with her first baby I was so excited but also a little sad since she and her husband had moved out of state. But I still wanted to get her thoughts on motherhood as a brand new mom. Those very first newborn days are so hard as you adjust to life as a mother. Here are her thoughts on motherhood:

"Motherhood is amazing. My baby is only 6 weeks old, but in just that short time my life has changed, and I have changed with it. One of the most challenging things is the stress and pressure, that this precious tiny life is completely dependent on me! And I want so much for him to be healthy and happy that I get stressed out sometimes. But at the end of the day, the biggest feeling is just pure gratitude that God trusted this sweet baby to me.

"In the difficult times, it can help to remember that my baby and I are on the same team. It also helps to have an amazing, helpful husband who is there to hold him when I need a mental break. I applaud single mothers, they are strong in a way I can't understand.

"I can't really remember specific advice my mother gave to me about raising children, but her example speaks plenty. Things are never about her; she is also working for the well-being of her children. I have selfish thoughts sometimes, about how I want my baby to always stay little so he can stay with me and snuggle me forever, but my mom sees the bigger picture. She has always been excited for us to grow and reach that next step, even of it was one step away from her. She teaches me to not focus on myself so much, but to be grateful that little babies grow into well-adjusted and happy people." - Holly

As our kids grow they teach us more than they may ever realize. To close out this post, Part One of Thoughts on Motherhood, here is what Shinhye has to say on what our kids teach us.

"I love being a mom of my kids! They teach me how to love, how to be patient, how to be happy, how to be strong and so on. I raise my kids and they raise me too. I am growing everyday with my kids. It’s sometimes frustrating and stressful but my kids compensate me for all the efforts. They give me more than I do." -Shinhye

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